Requirements to Ship

• Animals must be at least 10 weeks of age.

• Shipping kennel or cage must meet standards for size, ventilation, strength and design. Animals must have enough room to stand up and turn around. Kennels must be equipped with one food and water cup. Kennels must be marked with shipper’s name, address and phone number and pick-up person’s name, address and phone number (if different from shipper), Live Animal Stickers should be applied to the kennel and the last time fed and watered indicated. Place newspaper or absorbent material on the bottom of the crate.

• Animal may not be exposed to the temperatures of less than 45 degrees Fahrenheit unless there is an acclimation statement by a Veterinarian.

• Health Certificate must be issued by a licensed Veterinarian and be no more than 10 days old.

• Animals may not be brought to the airline more than 4 hours before flight.

• Animals less than 16 weeks of age must be offered food and water if transit is more than 12 hours. Older animals must have food at least every 24 hours and water at least every 12 hours. Many airlines will not ship animals on flights over 12 hours. Check with your airline cargo department regarding long flights.

• Animals over 16 weeks must have rabies shots current

• Ship via Airlines and the United States and Canada

Airlines that Ship Pets

Alaskan Airlines

Alaska Airlines Cargo Customer Service Center at 1-800-225-2752 or Horizon Air Gold Streak Customer Service Center at 1-800-547-7660.

Air Canada

American Airlines  1 (800) CARGOAA (227-4622)

• Continental Airlines / United Airlines, Now allows Pets to be shipped as Cargo…not baggage. It’s called PetSafe. or 1 (800) 575-3335

Delta  Pet First

If you have questions about shipping your pet as air cargo or you want to book a flight, please contact Delta Air Logistics professional at 800-DL-CARgo (800-352-2746).

Midwest Airline Cargo Control Center (800) 892-6580 extension 5 or in Milwaukee, (414) 747-4532 extension 5.

Northwest Airlines 1-800-NWCARGO (1-800-692-2746) When your pet is travelling unaccompanied.

Singapore Airlines 
The carriage of pets in the aircraft cabin is not permitted. Pets may, however travel in the air-conditioned cargo hold of the aircraft as long as they are placed in a suitable container and have the proper health, vaccination documentations and entry permits as required by the countries of entry and/or transit. Please ensure that these documents are in order. Advance arrangements for pets are required.

United Airlines
United Cargo at 800-UA-CARGO


I currently ship puppies via airlines in the United States and Canada only. When shipping a puppy there are many considerations. The buyer is responsible for all charges associated with the shipping process plus the price of the puppy. I have provided information regarding shipment for puppies. For shipping $400.

Please contact me if you wish to have your puppy shipped.

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