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We are located in Riverside, CA. Please feel free to call, text or email (562) 200-6131, Email: mybabyyorkiepaws@yahoo.com
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“I used her stud service to mate with my Yorkshire terrier. At first I didn’t really understand why she insisted that I had my dog tested for brucella and show her the report before mating. Patricia took the time to explain me what it was, and why. It was for the health of my dog, hers and the puppies and both of our families’ as well. I LIKE YOUR STANDARDS. The first time didn’t take so I was very pleased that we could try again for no additional cost. This time it was a success and now I have four little puppies. Patty has been very helpful in guiding me throughout the whole process. She advised me how to take care of my yorkie during her pregnancy. I happen to live near enough for her to come and help my yorkie to deliver 4 beautiful puppies. Thank you”
~Lynn (Akc Max The Tulipan)

“Axel is doing unbelievably well and fitting right in. The kids LOVE him and Anja and him are definite playmates. It is too cold for him to go outside and use the bathroom (in his opinion) so we have him going on pee pads most of the time and he is doing great with it. Thanks again for such a GREAT little guy. He is a perfect match for our family.
~Jeremy Sharp (Ibc/Ckc Biewer Yorkshire Terrier)

“Hi Patricia. We took Tippy (now called Axel) to the vet today for his check up and it went very well. She said he looks like a great little dog in excellent health and condition. She said he will be perfect for breeding once he gets old enough. He weighed 3 lbs 1 oz with his collar on. He is adjusting phenomenally well and has taken up his own corner of the world in our living room. We set up a pend to help potty train him and we have a furry dog bed outside and he keeps ALL the toys in there and even steals the other dog’s toys. He is a RIOT to watch and play with. He has fit into our family perfectly! We are very happy.
~Jeremy Sharp (Biewer Yorkie male)

“I just wanted to update you on the wonderful dog I got from your litter. I had the vet check him out and she said he was in great condition. We named him Hudson. He is lots of fun, quick to learn and a great temperament. At the vet, everyone raved about how well behaved he was. Hudson has made himself at home quickly and loves all his new toys. Thank you so much for the wonderful puppy. I have attached a couple of cute photos of Hudson. Thank you again and I hope you enjoy the pictures!